Graphite Thermal Straps

Previous Designs & Space Flight Models (FM)

Over the last decade, Technology Applications, Inc. has designed dozens of graphite (and thousands of copper) thermal straps for space, airborne and ground-based use in aerospace, laboratory and defense applications for customers like NASA, LMCO, Ball Aerospace, and others.  These straps are not only a testament to our expertise, but our ability to accommodate a vast array of customer demands.  All of these assemblies were designed for the optimization of heat transfer from power dissipation components such ascryocooler compressors, electronics, radar electronics, or optics that dissipate anywhere from forty watts to several hundreds of watts and require an efficient, lightweight thermal conductor for transferring heat to the heat rejection interface.

Graphite Thermal Straps - TAI's Design Capabilities

Thermal Strap

Compressor Vibration Isolation Thermal Strap

  • Simple arched strap designed for heat removal from a Stirling-cycle or pulse-tube cryocooler compressor interface.
  • Also valuable as a simple evaluation strap
  • Each strap provides 0.15 W/K conductance at room temperature
  • Effective at attentuating mechanical vibration
 Graphite Thermal Strap, heat strap


Large Conductance and Range of Motion
Strap Assemblies (length and width customized):

  • Large arched strap assemblies of varying lengths and widths to accommodate very small thermal gradients
  • More than 1-inch static motion between interfaces provided
  • More than 0.5-inch dynamic motion
  • More than 2.5 W/K total conductance at 10-in length
 Flexible Thermal Links

Large Strap Sections

  • Single and double fiber row configurations
  • 0.5 to 0.9 W/K per section
  • Parallel combinations to increase thermal conductance in assemblies
 aluminum thermal strap. heat strap, thermal straps


 Tripod-Style/Multiple Arm

  • Multiple point heat removal to single heat sink
  • Multi-direction flexibility
  • Scalable
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Short High Conductance Dual Plane

  • Vibration attenuating
  • Accommodates thermal contraction over large temperature range
  • Small range of motion between interfaces
 thermal straps, graphite thermal straps


 S-Shaped Straps

  • Single and double fiber row configurations
  • Unique interface configurations accommodated by custom end fittings
  • Very flexible in vertical axis
  • One end doubles as cryogen tank  mount
 thermal straps, thermal strap, heat strap  

Dual-Arm Controlled Conductance


  • Single and double fiber row configurations
  • Highly flexible in vertical axis
  • Tight control of thermal conductance
  • Single point heat rejection interface
 CCD optics thermal strap


Visible Camera System Assembly

  • Heat removal from camera optics to thermal bus
  • Single row straight design provides maximum conductance
  • Limited flexibility accommodates design tolerances
 thermal straps


Straight Straps

  • Used where heat generation and rejection interfaces are in parallel planes
  • Flexible in all directions except axial fiber direction
  • Multiple row designs possible
  • Highly scalable
Thermal Straps - High Conductance Thermal Straps made of graphite and copper

"Wagon Wheels" : TAI can manufacture our popular graphite thermal straps into nearly any shape. This particular thermal strap was used to remove heat from a cylindrical wall, down through a centralized hub/rod assembly.


Small/Single Rope "Chip" Straps - used for chip cooling and waste heat removal in extremely small and/or tight locations within space systems.