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TAI Delivers PGS Thermal Straps (PGL™) to Next Gen OPIR Program


TAI Delivers our PGS-based Thermal Straps (PGL™) for the US Air Force Space Command's (AFSPC) next generation Overhead Persistent Infrared GEO Satellites program (OPIR). These units are meant to cool instruments on the newly-designed platforms.

I am thrilled to announce that these particular graphite sheet straps have set our record for the highest conductance ever measured from a single strap (above cryogenic temperatures), of any strap ever designed or manufactured by TAI.

Big thank you to the expert technicians and engineers at TAI, and to our terrific customers who have recently benefited from our PGL products: Lockheed Martin, NASA, AFSPC, DLR, Airbus, General Atomics, Ball Aerospace, and more!

OPIR Thermal Straps by TAI - Shipping Fixtures


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