Carbon Composite End Fittings

Technology Applications, Inc. (in conjunction with our sister company, TAI, Inc.) developed and now offers the carbon composite end fittings as an option.  These straps utilize our GraFlex I and II bundles,  our new GraFlex III woven sheet material (currently under development), and/or PGS or graphene sheets (PGL & GCL).

What sets these straps apart from our GFTS™ products? In place of our traditional aluminum 6061 end fittings/terminal blocks, we utilize an aerospace grade carbon fiber composite material, to further reduce end fitting mass by 33% (which means--on average--a 20-25% total mass reduction for the typical graphite thermal strap assembly).

These lightweight assemblies have an unprecedented thermal conductance to mass ratio---even exceeding their GFTS™ counterparts. They are currently undergoing space flight qualification testing at TAI and with our partnering test facilities, for planned use in a variety of advanced thermal management applications in space applications such as: antennas, satellite electronics boxes, radiators, cryocoolers, optics systems, cryogenic refrigerator compressors, communication & radar power electronic systems, electromechanical systems and other satellite instruments.

Carbon Composite Thermal Strap

Pictured: TAI's (aerospace grade) Carbon Fiber Composite End Fittings (Terminal Blocks) with HeliCoil Inserts. Strap utilizes our GraFlex III, with a width of 2.5", and braid length (BL) / sheet length (SL) of 3.0".

Graphite Weave Thermal Straps - carbon tape thermal strap