Carbon-Based Thermal Straps

Technology Applications, Inc. (in conjunction with our sister company, TAI, Inc.) offers 4 carbon-based thermal strap products.  These straps utilize our GraFlex I and II bundles,  our new GraFlex III woven sheet material, PGS, and Graphene Foil (PGL™ & GCL™). 

All Graphite Fiber-based straps are more durable and lighter than PGS/Graphene Foil-based assemblies, and they offer flexibility/deflection on the shear/lateral axis (which customers often require in applications such as battery pack cooling, antenna arrays, optical instruments, and some deployable/moving/rotating instruments and equipment).  GraFlex III, with it's lower profile and more flexible design, is ideal for applications with extremely limited volumes, but requiring flexibility on each axis. GraFlex rope and woven sheet material is far less expensive than PGS and Graphene Foils, as are GFTS® assembly costs, making these straps the most affordable carbon-based thermal strap products on the market.

Carbon foil/film straps offer superior thermal performance, but at the cost of a significant reduction in durability and lateral flexibility/deflection.  These straps are better-suited to applications requiring little to no flexibility/deflection (such as electronics boxes, chip cooling, and various applications with restricted envelopes and complex routing geometry). PGL™ products offer superior thermal performance at lower operating temperatures than Graphite Fiber and Graphene Foil straps, which peak just above 200K.  Because of this, PGL™ products are now a superior replacement for aluminum foil thermal links at temperatures as low as 50K, and can be used in place of OFHC copper straps at temperatures as low as 70 - 80K (to reduce mass but offer similar thermal performance). 


Graphite Thermal Straps

GFTS® (GraFlex I & II)

• Flexibility on All Axes
• Superior Durability
• Lower Cost than Sheet Straps

Strap Conductance: 0.22 W/K

Flexible Thermal Links

GFTS® (GraFlex III)

• Deflection/Flexibility on All Axes
• Superior Durability
• Lower Cost than Sheet Straps

Strap Conductance: 0.20 W/K

Graphene Thermal Strap (GTL)

Graphene Foil (GTL™)

• Limited/No Flexibility on Lateral Axis 
• Highest Thermal Performance 
• Less Flexible Than PGL™

Strap Conductance: 0.86 W/K

PGL Thermal Strap

Pyrolytic Graphite (PGL™)

• Limited/No Flexibility on Lateral Axis 
• High Thermal Performance 
• More Flexible Than GTL™

Strap Conductance: 0.70 W/K


Pictured: TAI's (aerospace grade) Carbon Fiber Composite End Fittings (Terminal Blocks) with HeliCoil Inserts. Strap utilizes our GraFlex III, with a width of 2.5", and braid length (BL) / sheet length (SL) of 3.0".

Graphite Weave Thermal Straps - carbon tape thermal strap