CuTS® for Universities & National Labs

Because flexible thermal straps can be expensive (especially in smaller quantities typically required by universities), TAI offers our popular copper thermal straps at reduced prices to University customers on tight budgets. Many universities are often limited by strict $5,000-$10,000 procurement budgets---so in addition to our reduced prices, we also offer free and/or discounted design services for programs may even qualify for discounted NRE/Deisgn services, or free custom cooling system design and consultation services.  However, your straps must meet 5 critical conditions:

  1. There must be very little (if any) design time required on our part (it is highly recommended that you tailor your system to accommodate the exact dimensions and design of the standard strap end fittings, in order to eliminate design cost---the length of straps is not a determinate in the amount of design time or cost). Some custom straps will not qualify for this program, but most will be eligible for substantial NRE discounts.
  2. We highly recommend that for orders with multiple straps of the same design, only one strap is thermally tested (as the typical thermal performance variation is under 5%, from strap to strap of the same design).
  3. TAI requires photos of the straps installed in your application - when possible (for marketing purposes).
  4. TAI requires a description of your program (for marketing purposes).
  5. TAI requests any available testing data (specific to our straps), you may generate in the course of the program.
Please note: TAI is willing to work with your institution/program in an effort to stay within your budget. However, if this is not possible due to required design time and/or a larger strap order, we can provide you with a list of reasons to cite when drafting a sole source justification letter.  Being a provider of extremely high quality, OFHC copper rope thermal straps (built to perform under the most extreme temperature and vacuum conditions), TAI is very familiar with this process, and our CuTS orders have been approved by numerous procurement departments at the nation's top universities.

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