Cryocooler Thermal Links / Straps

In addition to our popular CuTS® Standard Product Line, Technology Applications, Inc. designs and manufactures thousands of custom OFHC copper thermal straps for space, airborne and ground-based/terrestrial use in aerospace, commercial, laboratory and defense applications.  Custom CuTS® typically have the same unit cost as their standard counterparts, but with the addition of a small NRE/design fee.

In many cases, a simple, standardized rectangular end fitting will not work for certain applications, especially those with very restricted interface geometry and/or "end fitting envelopes," as in electronics boxes and cold head / cryocooler applications, for example.

As well as unique & exacting end fitting/terminal block design and machining requirements in many custom programs, CuTS® customers often have a need for a comprehensive range of custom "add-ons," or options, including: helicoil inserts, different copper/cabling rope diameters and types, serialization, etc.

To see dozens of examples of the thousands of straps TAI has designed and fabricated for our customers, visit our Copper Thermal Strap Gallery now!


Custom End Fitting and Strap Design Options

End fittings can be designed into a number of complex shapes, and incorporating a wide range of features. From circular end fittings (commonly used on strap assemblies designed for use on cold heads / cryocooler applications), to offset fittings (in which the flexible portion of the strap must sit higher or lower than the fittings), pipe interfaces, "c-clamp" and "battery terminal-type" fittings, nested configurations, and multiple armed straps (TAI has designed and fabricated straps with 2 - 8 arms), the possibilities are endless; and TAI has built them all!


Circular/Cold Head End Fittings

3 armed strap

Multiple-Armed Configurations

Thermal Strap Design

Nested Assemblies, Mylar Sleeves


Heat Pipe/Tube-Interface Fittings

Thermal Straps

Offset End Fittings

Mitered End Fitting CuTS - TAI

Mitered End Fittings

Extended Terminal Blocks / End Fittings

Extended Terminal Blocks

 Rounded End Fittings CuTS.jpg

Rounded End Fittings


Extended Terminal Blocks with Offset Bolt Holes

Copper Thermal Straps

Perpendicular/L-Shaped Fittings

Thermal Straps

Low Profile/Compact Fittings

 Al-Cu Hybrid Thermal Straps - TAI P5-502 and P5-505_Design Gallery

Aluminum 6061 End Fittings (Al-Cu Hybrid Straps)


Ring End Fitting

Ringed Adaptor Fittings (Pulse Tube Cold Head Fitting)


NASA L Thermal Strap

Cut-outs & Thinned Fittings for Mass Reduction

Copper Thermal Straps - Custom Design

Multiplanar End Fittings

 gold plated thermal links

Gold and Nickel Plating with Multiple Diffusion Barrier Options

In order to help our engineers design the ideal strap solution, please provide any drawings or CAD files you may have of your interfaces and the available geometric envelope (complete with "keep-in"/"keep-out zones").


Optional End Fitting Hardware and Serialization

TAI can also add helicoil inserts, serialization, stainless steel alignment dowels, and a wide array of other hardware per your specification. Contact us today to learn more.

Thermal Straps TAI

Alignment Pins/Dowels

helicoils (1)

Helicoil / Threaded Inserts


Copper Thermal Straps

Serialization (multiple methods available)


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