2017 Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap (GFTS®Product Guide

The World's Only Flexible Graphite Thermal Straps With Spaceflight Heritage

TAI is proud to introduce our third edition of the industry's first "Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap (GFTS®) Product Guide." Our 2017 edition features product customization options, flight heritage history, examples of past prototype and spaceflight model (FM) GFTS®  assemblies.

Prototype programs typically take just 7 - 9 weeks, while FM programs take only 4 - 5.  New for 2017, prototype programs and flight model straps are now comparably priced with competing stacked metallic foil thermal straps, and are now more affordable than any competing carbon based strap. We also provide substantial discounts to ESA, NASA, and JAXA, as well as all first time aerospace customers!

To request a copy, complete the form on the left, and our Director of Business Development, Tyler Link, will send you a copy.  If you have more immediate needs or would like to discuss a GFTS® inquiry now, please feel free to contact us at anytime.  Mr. Link is available from 6 AM - 9 PM MST/ 12:00-03:00 GMT), 7 days a week.

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