GFTS® Spaceflight Heritage

Though TAI began development work on GFTS technology in 1995 (and were awarded USAF SBIR Ph. I and II programs to research and further develop GFTS technology in 1996 and 1997), our first space flight programs did not begin until 2013, with the Federal Government's/NASA's Orion program, and programs with the USAF.

Our engineers, technicians and administrative staff have extensive experience with space flight programs and the Quality Assurance processes and qualification that is required by the industry's top primes. From Honeywell, to Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace and others,we can not only understand and comply with your organization's requirements, but we can actually help you draft your SOW, specification, and RFQ, and determine which requirements and qualifications make the most sense given your budget and time constraints..

Our GFTS™ assemblies have been used in a variety of advanced thermal management space/flight applications, in areas such as: antennas, satellite electronics boxes, data acquisition systems, optics systems, cryogenic refrigerator compressors, communication and power electronic systems, and electromechanical systems. 

GFTS™ Space Qualification Data

GFTS™ assemblies have undergone extensive testing and qualification under severe environmental and launch conditions. If your program requires stiffness, shock, vibe or other types of qualification testing, let us know, and we will happy to work with you to develop your SOW and spec accordingly. In the table below, you can find examples of some of the testing extremes which our straps have undergone in previous space flight programs.