Which Strap Solution is Best for You?

Does your program have hard-to-meet thermal conductivity, flexibility and/or mass requirements, and metallic foil straps or heat pipes are inadequate, or a risk to your instruments? Maybe you are just tired of paying outrageous prices to the other strap suppliers, for those dated foil straps, or carbon sheet straps that were simply "torn to pieces."  If so, we encourage you to have TAI put together one of our complimentary Thermal Strap Assessment Packages.

*Please note: this is not an offer for free software or analysis programs. 

If you:

  • Have found yourself “designed-into-a-corner,” with no metallic foil thermal link or heat pipe solution to meet your program’s performance needs, mass requirements, or budget
  • Would like to know how  much weight a GFTS system could save over metallic straps
  • Are only looking for a thermal strap solution which costs hundreds of dollars per unit (and not thousands, like the other guys)
  • Would like to get 2-5x the thermal performance out of your strap assemblies
  • Need a strap solution with unmatched vibration dampening/attenuation
  • Would simply like to know: “Am I making the best thermal management decision?" 

...Than now is your chance to take advantage of TAI's Thermal Strap Analysis Package.  This package (and the notional design(s) crafted by our engineers), is free of charge and includes:

  • Our proposed thermal strap solution(s), compete with notional design(s) (in many cases, we can offer 2-3 thermal strap solutions, and provide you with the pros and cons of each)
  • Thermal Conductivity and Mass Projections for the thermal strap assembly
  • Cost and Schedule Projections for your customized strap program
  • Preliminary Trade Analysis of alternative thermal straps (if viable)

To learn more about the Thermal Strap Analysis Package, or to request your free analysis of a thermally conductive vibration isolation system (see our web page), fill out the form below, and our Director of Business Development, Tyler Link, will contact you within 24 hours.  After we have your information, our experts can provide your thermal strap analysis package within 1-3 business days. 

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