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Technology Applications, Inc. (TAI), headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is the world's premier provider of thermal straps (often referred to as "flexible thermal links," "heat straps," "thermal shunts," or "thermal cables"). We offer the most comprehensive array of custom and standard model strap products in the industry, in addition to our strap testing services. Each year, we provide thousands of copper straps, and dozens to hundreds of graphite & carbon straps to customers from NASA, to JAXA, ESA, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Ball, and countless commercial electronics companies, national labs, and universities across the globe.

Our strap products have flight heritage, and our team of experts have years of strap design, fabrication, and qualification experience, and extensive experience with space flight programs (and the associated qualification and reporting requirements). Unlike some suppliers, all of our strap products are assembled, go through extensive finishing processes, quality inspections, and cleaning, right here at our facility, by our experts.  TAI never outsources our straps from other suppliers or electrical component manufacturers in the US or abroad, and never uses counterfeit straps (like those on

TAI's Thermal Link / Strap Products

Graphite Fiber Thermal Straps (GFTS)

Graphite Thermal Links / Straps

TAI's GFTS™ products have become the space industry's standard for lightweight, high conductance, flexible carbon thermal straps, and GFTS™ assemblies alone have the Space Flight Heritage required by NASA, JAXA, and ESA. Unlike graphene composite thermal links or pyrolytic graphite sheet (PGS) straps, GFTS™ assemblies offer flexibility on all three axes, have been extensively space qualified, and are not catastrophically damaged by simple mishandling, installation, or the typical vibration and shock profiles associated with qualification and launch. The average GFTS™ assembly is a mere 1/5 - 1/10 the mass of equivalent metallic thermal links/straps, and they are ideal for thermally conductive vibration isolation. Typical GFTS™ programs and FM units are now comparably priced with metallic foil straps, and more affordable than any competing carbon or graphite strap commercially available.

Our GFTS™ technology has been space qualified by NASA, ESA, JAXA and several US Aerospace primes, and our straps have flown on the ORION & ASTRO-H programs, in addition to several others. We are also proud to report our GFTS™ assemblies are currently being used in NASA's SPICE program, GRACE-FO, GPS III, EnMAP, Boeing's CST-100, and numerous US and European commercial and research satellites set to launch in 2017.

To see examples of previous prototype & FM graphite straps, visit our Graphite Thermal Strap Gallery page.


Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS)

Copper Thermal Links Straps

TAI provides custom and standard configuration OFHC (99.995 - 99.998% pure / C101)) Copper Braid/Rope Flexible Thermal Links / Straps (CuTS™). All standard and custom straps are now offered with our proprietary, TAI OFHC UltraFlex copper cabling (offering vastly improved flexibility, while maintaining the same diameter and thermal performance as our standard OFHC cu braid used for over a decade).  TAI's CuTS™ are the most affordable straps commercially-available, and are ideal for customers with limited budgets, or with commercial electronics or cryogenic applications. While they are most often used in ground-based applications, our  CuTS™ are also used in a number of US and European space programs including: GOES-R, GOES-S, DSAC, OSIRIS-REx, GRACE-FO, EUI Solar Orbiters, METEOSAT and several others. TAI will also be releasing our OFHC cu foil thermal strap product line in the summer of 2016. 
For examples of standard & custom copper straps from dozens of programs, visit our Copper Thermal Strap Gallery.

PGS and Graphene Composite Sheet Straps Carbon Composite Strap Fittings (CCTS)

New for 2016, TAI has released our TAI PGS and Graphene Composite Sheet Thermal Links / Straps (GCSTS), as well as Carbon Composite Thermal Link / Strap end fittings (CCTS). These straps utilize aerospace grade carbon fiber composite (or aluminum) fittings, as well as ultra high conductance (UHC) pyrolytic graphite or graphene composite sheets, and are currently undergoing aerospace qualification testing with our test facility partner. While graphene composite and PGS straps offer the highest material thermal conductance of any strap material, they do not have Flight Heritage, and there are significant durability and flexibility concerns to weigh when choosing the ideal strap solution.