Technology Applications, Inc.

Technology Applications, Inc. (TAI), headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is committed to being your thermal management system design and fabrication leader. Our expert personnel have extensive experience in the development of complex, high-performance, thermal systems to meet the most demanding customer requirements. TAI is a Certified Small Business.

Thermal Straps (Flexible Thermal Links)

The World's Only Flexible Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap (GFTS)

Thermal Straps Graphite

TAI provides the world's only Flexible Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap/Link (GFTS); a technology that has been studied and tested time and again, but only perfected by our engineers.  GFTS assemblies are  becoming the industry standard due to their superior combination of flexibility, low-mass, and thermal conductance.  Most assemblies are 3-5x as thermally conductive as metallic straps, and the average GFTS assembly is only 1/7 the mass of an equivalent Aluminum Foil Strap, and 1/10 that of a copper braid or foil strap.

GFTS assemblies are now a part of several major aerospace programs including Orion, SPICE, and numerous commercial and R&D satellites, with clients such as LMCO, Ball Aerospace, Honeywell and NASA.


Custom & Standard Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS)

Thermal Straps Copper

TAI provides custom and standard OFHC Braid Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS).  They are ideal for nearly any ground-based, airborne and space application, and are a cheaper and better-performing alternative to aluminum and copper foil straps. TAI provides CuTS to clients such as NASA, BAE Systems, Raytheon, LMCO and countless Universities and National Labs, and while they are most often used in prototyping, ground-based and/or cryogenic applications, our  CuTS are also used in cutting edge space programs such as Star Tracker and OSIRIS-REx.

Our CuTS are the highest quality, most durable, and affordable straps available.  All straps are obtainable even on the tightest university procurement budget, and retail for a fraction of the cost of any other commercially-available straps (whether custom or standard).  Most clients are surprised to learn that outsourcing CuTS to TAI is typically cheaper and simpler than designing and fabricating in-house.

Cryogenic Insulation


describe the imageOur revolutionary product, CryoSpheres™, are hollow microscopic glass bubbles that are light, strong, free flowing, noncorrosive, and specifically formulated for use as cryogenic insualtion per TAI specification. They combine in a single material, the desirable properties which other insulation materials only possess individually. When used as a cryogenic insulating material, CryoSpheres™ exhibit the optimal combination of thermal performance, physical characteristics, cost, weight, durability, and low maintenance.

This exceptional cryogenic insulation material has repeatedly proven to reduce boil-off (of costly cryogens) by as much as 51% over perlite, while at the same time drastically reducing all maintenance costs and wear and tear on cryogenic storage tanks and transfer lines. CryoSpheres™ are the optimal insulation material for cold boxes, Dewars, and cryogenic storage tanks of all configurations; this material is the 21st century's answer to the outdated and issue-plagued perlite insulation of the past.

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