Ground-Based & Airborne Strap Gallery II

Our Copper Thermal Strap (CuTS®)  Design Galleries are not only a testament to our expertise and heritage, but our ability to accommodate a vast array of customer demands.   

The Ground-Based & Airborne Gallery provides a small handful of examples of the countless copper thermal straps designed and manufactured by TAI for national laboratories, universities, and commercial electronics, cryogenics, photonics, semiconductor companies, and defense contractors.

At TAI, we design and assemble hundreds of copper and carbon straps each month.  Our quality and prices cannot be beat, and our design galleries speak for themselves.  The following are just a few examples of some of our previous custom and standard model straps. To learn more about our copper strap design, fabrication and testing capabilities, contact us today!

*Unlike some sites, TAI never uses stolen, manipulated, or photo-shopped images to falsely portray non-existent product lines, customization and plating services, or production & assembly capabilities. For example: many images of TAI's thermal straps are stolen from our website and catalogs, and illegally used to market poor quality, Indian or Chinese-welded, (ETP) copper electrical shunts on These are not thermal strap suppliers, nor engineering firms (unfortunately, some of our customers have fallen victim to this type of false/misleading advertising). 

Cryocooler Thermal Strap - Cold Head

Cold Head Custom CuTS®

Custom L-Shaped CuTS - NASA - Design Gallery.jpg

Custom CuTS® - L Fitting & Threaded Inserts

 Cryomech Cryocooler PT30 - Thermal Straps TAI

Custom CuTS® - PT30 Cryomech CC Interface

Thermal Straps

New CuTS® Model P5-503 - Single Row

nickel plated thermal straps

Gold and Nickel Plating - Cryogenic UHV Laboratory Application

 NEA Cryocooler Thermal Links

Cryocooler Thermal Links

Cryocooler Thermal Straps

Crycooler CuTS® - Cold Head/Rod Interface (NCSU)

NCSU Cryocooler Strap Assembly - Slider 450x300.jpg 

(Assembled) Custom Cryocooler CuTS® - NCSU

 University Cryogenic Vacuum Chamber Thermal Straps - Design Gallery.jpg

Custom CuTS® - University of Arizona UHV Chamber

CS-68B Copper Thermal Straps

CS-68B Cryocooler Series CuTS®

National Lab Cryochamber CuTS

Custom CuTS® - National Lab UHV Chamber

CS-68B Underside of Thermal Strap

CS-68B CuTS®

Custom FM CuTS

Custom CuTS® - Extended Fitting 

Pre-Plated Gold Thermal Straps  

 Custom CuTS® - Pre Gold-Plating

CS-68B Thermal Strap

CS-68B Cryocooler Thermal Strap 

Gold Plated Thermal Strap

Gold Plated CuTS®

Gold Plated Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - Post Gold Plating

CS-52B Copper Thermal Strap

CS-52B Cryocooler Thermal Strap 

CS-52B Underside

CS-52B (Underside)

 Gold Plated Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - LAB GRADE AU Plating

CS-68A Copper Thermal Straps 

CS-68A for SHI RDK-415D Cryocooler

NASA JPL Cryocooler Thermal Straps - Design Gallery

CS-68C and Custom Thermal Straps (JPL)

Honeywell C-clamp thermal straps - design gallery

Cryocooler Thermal Straps with Ring Clamps

Gold Plated Copper Thermal Strap (CuTS) - ASML Cryocooler - 231x154



Crycooler Thermal Straps - JANIS

Cryocooler thermal straps - 1st Stage - Janis Research Systems Customer

1st Stage Cryocooler Thermal Straps - JANIS

NASA JPL Thermal Straps - Ametek SunPower CryoTel GT cryocooler - Design GAllery

Ametek Cryocooler Thermal Straps 

Frencken America Thermal Straps - Design Gallery

Custom CuTS® for Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Infra-Red CCD Camera - Frencken America 

CuTS with Al End Fittings

Standard Model CuTS® with Aluminum 6061 End Fittings for Aerospace/Defense Program

CS-47B and CS-64BL Copper Thermal Straps with Mylar - CalTech

CS-47B and CS-64BL CuTS® for CalTech Cryocooler Program

Thermal Straps

Dual Armed 1st Stage CuTS®  (Janis)

Thermal Straps - JANIS Cryocooler 3rd - Design Gallery

Custom Cryocooler CuTS®  (Janis)

Thermal Straps - JANIS Cryocooler 2nd - Design Gallery

Custom Cryocooler CuTS®  (Janis)

Copper Thermal Strap - MITLL

P5-506 CuTS® Stiffness Test - MITLL 

Pipe Interface Thermal Straps - General Atomics - Design Gallery

Heat Pipe Interface CuTS® - General Atomics

Fermi Lab Copper Thermal Straps - Radiused Fittings - December 2018 - Design Gallery

Radiused Fittings - FNAL 

 Dual section cryocooler thermal straps - separated - Design Gallery

Dual CuTS® (Separated) RDK415 Cooler

Copper Thermal Strap - LBL Monster Strap - Design Gallery

"Monster CuTS®" - LBL Custom Strap

RDK 415 Cryocooler Thermal Straps 

Dual CuTS® for SHI RDK415 Cryocooler


Cryocooler Thermal Straps - SLAC

P9-501 and P9-502 Copper Thermal Straps by TAI

P60-501 and P60-502 CuTS®

UPENN Telescope Thermal Straps - Design Gallery

UPENN Telescope CuTS® - July 2019


Offset T-Shaped End Fitting

P60-501 and P60-502 Copper Thermal Straps

P60-501 and P60-502 CuTS® (UltraFlex II)


T-Shaped & L-Shaped End Fittings

General Atomics - 3-armed Copper Thermal Strap_Design Gallery

3-Armed RDK-415D CuTS®

General Atomics - 3-armed Copper Thermal Straps_Design Gallery

3-Armed RDK-415D CuTS®

Cryomech PT410 Cryocooler Thermal Straps - 1st and 2nd stage - design gallery

Cryomech PT410 1st/2nd Stage CuTS®



P60-501 with Electroless Nickel Plating



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