Ground-Based & Airborne Strap Gallery II

Cryocooler Thermal Strap - Cold Head

Cold Head Custom CuTS®

Custom L-Shaped CuTS - NASA - Design Gallery.jpg

Custom CuTS® - L Fitting & Threaded Inserts

 Cryomech Cryocooler PT30 - Thermal Straps TAI

Custom CuTS® - PT30 Cryomech CC Interface

Thermal Straps

New CuTS® Model P5-503 - Single Row

nickel plated thermal straps

Gold and Nickel Plating - Cryogenic UHV Laboratory Application

 NEA Cryocooler Thermal Links

Cryocooler Thermal Links

Cryocooler Thermal Straps

Crycooler CuTS® - Cold Head/Rod Interface (NCSU)

NCSU Cryocooler Strap Assembly - Slider 450x300.jpg 

(Assembled) Custom Cryocooler CuTS® - NCSU

 University Cryogenic Vacuum Chamber Thermal Straps - Design Gallery.jpg

Custom CuTS® - University of Arizona UHV Chamber

CS-68B Copper Thermal Straps

CS-68B Cryocooler Series CuTS®

National Lab Cryochamber CuTS

Custom CuTS® - National Lab UHV Chamber

CS-68B Underside of Thermal Strap

CS-68B CuTS®

Custom FM CuTS

Custom CuTS® - Extended Fitting 

Pre-Plated Gold Thermal Straps  

 Custom CuTS® - Pre Gold-Plating

CS-68B Thermal Strap

CS-68B Cryocooler Thermal Strap 

Gold Plated Thermal Strap

Gold Plated CuTS®

Gold Plated Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - Post Gold Plating

CS-52B Copper Thermal Strap

CS-52B Cryocooler Thermal Strap 

CS-52B Underside

CS-52B (Underside)

 Gold Plated Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - LAB GRADE AU Plating

CS-68A Copper Thermal Straps 

CS-68A for SHI RDK-415D Cryocooler

NASA JPL Cryocooler Thermal Straps - Design Gallery

CS-68C and Custom Thermal Straps (JPL)

Honeywell C-clamp thermal straps - design gallery

Cryocooler Thermal Straps with Ring Clamps

Gold Plated Copper Thermal Strap (CuTS) - ASML Cryocooler - 231x154



Crycooler Thermal Straps - JANIS

Cryocooler thermal straps - 1st Stage - Janis Research Systems Customer

1st Stage Cryocooler Thermal Straps - JANIS

NASA JPL Thermal Straps - Ametek SunPower CryoTel GT cryocooler - Design GAllery

Ametek Cryocooler Thermal Straps 

Frencken America Thermal Straps - Design Gallery

Custom CuTS® for Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Infra-Red CCD Camera - Frencken America 

CuTS with Al End Fittings

Standard Model CuTS® with Aluminum 6061 End Fittings for Aerospace/Defense Program

CS-47B and CS-64BL Copper Thermal Straps with Mylar - CalTech

CS-47B and CS-64BL CuTS® for CalTech Cryocooler Program

Thermal Straps

Dual Armed 1st Stage CuTS®  (Janis)

Thermal Straps - JANIS Cryocooler 3rd - Design Gallery

Custom Cryocooler CuTS®  (Janis)

Thermal Straps - JANIS Cryocooler 2nd - Design Gallery

Custom Cryocooler CuTS®  (Janis)

Copper Thermal Strap - MITLL

P5-506 CuTS® Stiffness Test - MITLL 

Pipe Interface Thermal Straps - General Atomics - Design Gallery

Heat Pipe Interface CuTS® - General Atomics

Fermi Lab Copper Thermal Straps - Radiused Fittings - December 2018 - Design Gallery

Radiused Fittings - FNAL 

 Dual section cryocooler thermal straps - separated - Design Gallery

Dual CuTS® (Separated) RDK415 Cooler

Copper Thermal Strap - LBL Monster Strap - Design Gallery

"Monster CuTS®" - LBL Custom Strap

RDK 415 Cryocooler Thermal Straps 

Dual CuTS® for SHI RDK415 Cryocooler


Cryocooler Thermal Straps - SLAC

P9-501 and P9-502 Copper Thermal Straps by TAI

P60-501 and P60-502 CuTS®

UPENN Telescope Thermal Straps - Design Gallery

UPENN Telescope CuTS® - July 2019


Offset T-Shaped End Fitting

P60-501 and P60-502 Copper Thermal Straps

P60-501 and P60-502 CuTS® (UltraFlex II)


T-Shaped & L-Shaped End Fittings

General Atomics - 3-armed Copper Thermal Strap_Design Gallery

3-Armed RDK-415D CuTS®

General Atomics - 3-armed Copper Thermal Straps_Design Gallery

3-Armed RDK-415D CuTS®

Cryomech PT410 Cryocooler Thermal Straps - 1st and 2nd stage - design gallery

Cryomech PT410 1st/2nd Stage CuTS®



P60-501 with Electroless Nickel Plating



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