Ground-Based & Airborne Strap Gallery I

Our Copper Thermal Strap (CuTS®)  Design Galleries are not only a testament to our expertise and heritage, but our ability to accommodate a vast array of customer demands.   

The Ground-Based & Airborne Gallery provides a small handful of examples of the countless copper thermal straps designed and manufactured by TAI for national laboratories, universities, and commercial electronics, cryogenics, photonics, semiconductor companies, and defense contractors.

At TAI, we design and assemble hundreds of copper and carbon straps each month.  Our quality and prices cannot be beat, and our design galleries speak for themselves.  The following are just a few examples of some of our previous custom and standard model straps. To learn more about our copper strap design, fabrication and testing capabilities, contact us today!

*Unlike some sites, TAI never uses stolen, manipulated, or photo-shopped images to falsely portray non-existent product lines, customization and plating services, or production & assembly capabilities. For example: many images of TAI's thermal straps are stolen from our website and catalogs, and illegally used to market poor quality, Indian or Chinese-welded, (ETP) copper electrical shunts on These are not thermal strap suppliers, nor engineering firms (unfortunately, some of our customers have fallen victim to this type of false/misleading advertising). 

Copper Rope Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - Pulse Tube Cold Head 

UPenn 1 - Design Gallery.jpg

Tri-armed Andes Telescope CuTS®

Copper Cable Thermal Straps

Nested CuTS® with Mylar Overwrap

Electronics Box CuTS - Oil Exploration Equipment

Custom Electronics Box CuTS®

Cryocooler Thermal Links

Cryocooler Custom CuTS®

Copper Thermal Straps

Particle Accelerator/Synchrotron - STFC (UK)

Thermal Braided Strap Copper

Rounded End Fittings

3 armed strap

Tri-armed Custom CuTS®

Copper Thermal Braid
Single Rope CuTS®

P6-503 Copper Thermal TAI Strap

P6-503 CuTS®

 Thermal Strap

P6-501 - Physics Experiment Yale

 Optical Thermal Straps - TAI

 Optical System CuTS®

P6-502 CuTS®

P6-502 CuTS®

P7-501 CuTS®

P7-501 CuTS®

P5-501 Copper Thermal Strap - Kapton sleeve - TAI

P5-502 - Kapton Overwrap

Cryogenic heat strap

LBNL CuTS® - Cryo Experiment

Braided thermal links

2-rope CuTS® - University Cryo Experiment

Custom heat strap with counterbored bolt holes

Counterbored Bolt Holes & Pins

TAI Thermal Links

Dual-Armed Custom CuTS®

Cryomodule waste heat removal strap

Cryomodule CuTS® (Particle Accelerator)

Thermal Straps

Particle Accelerator Custom CuTS®

Thermal Strap

P5-501 Copper Thermal Strap

Copper Thermal Link - Cryomodule Particle Accelerator

  Cryomodule CuTS® (Particle Accelerator)

Copper Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® for Telescope Program

UHV Chamber Optical Instrument Copper Thermal Links

Custom CuTS® - UHV Chamber Optical Ins.

Cryocooler Thermal Strap

Custom CuTS® - University Cryocooler

Copper Thermal Straps

University Dilution Refrigerator CuTS® 

 Copper Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - Cryo IR Instrument

Flexible Thermal Links

J-Shaped Custom CuTS® Countersunk Holes

 Thermal Strap

Custom CuTS® - Cryo IR Instrument

P6-501 Thermal Straps TAI
P6-501 Copper Thermal Straps

Particle Accerlator Cryomodule CuTS®

Particle Accelerator CuTS®

FNAL P6 Cropped - Design Gallery.png

Particle Accelerator CuTS®

OFHC Copper Flexible Thermal Links

Cryocooler Custom CuTS®

Thermal Straps
P5-504 Standard Model CuTS®

Thermal Strap 

 Cryocooler Custom CuTS® - Oxford

Cryocooler Thermal Braided Straps

Cryocooler Custom CuTS®

Cryocooler OFHC Copper Heat Straps

Cryocooler Custom CuTS®

P5-505R CuTS®

Customized P5-505R CuTS®

P6-505 -Copper Thermal Strap

P6-505R CuTS®

Andes Telescope CuTS

2nd Tri-armed Andes Telescope CuTS®

Custom Copper TAI Thermal Strap 

Particle Accelerator/Synchrotron - STFC (UK)

P6-503 Long TAI

Dilution Refrigerator CuTS®

P7-502 J TAI

J-Shaped P7-502 CuTS®

 Custom CuTS - Extended Terminal Block

Custom CuTS® - Name/Program Withheld 

Oil drilling electronics box straps

Electronics Box CuTS®

Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - Cryocooler Interface

 Optical system waste heat strap

Optical System Custom CuTS®

Cryogenic Heat Straps

Custom Telescope CuTS®

 Cryocooler Thermal Strap

Custom Crycooler CuTS® - Helicoil Inserts 

Cryocooler Thermal Links 

Dual-Armed Custom Cryocooler CuTS®



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