The X-Series™

For applications with restricted volumes, minimal range of motion requirements, and/or a high thermal conductance to low mass ratio requirement,  TAI provides Pyrolytic Graphite Links (PGL™), and Graphene Thermal Links (GTL™).
PGL™ and GTL™ products use carbon-based sheets with the highest conductivity in the industry. While they offer superior thermal performance to GFTS® products, all forms of pyrolytic graphite and graphene foil (sheet) straps are more fragile than metallic or graphite fiber straps.  They are also not ideal at operating temperatures < 80K (though TAI's PGS material offers nearly the same material thermal conductivity as OFHC cu at 60K). As a result—just as is the case in any other thermal strap program—it is critical that customers provide a comprehensive list of their requirements and description of the operational environment, in order to ensure a PGL™ or GTL™ assembly is a workable solution.
Coming Soon: Our PGL™/GTL™ Design Gallery will be released in the Summer of 2018! Come back again soon...
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