The X-Series®

In recent years, the need for exponentially greater heat dissipation and strap flexibility has spiked in the aerospace industry.  In some cases, this has rendered traditional metallic and graphite fiber straps ineffective. To meet these thermal and mechanical challenges, TAI offers our X-Series® thermal straps.  These straps are ideal for applications with: 1) extremely-low stiffness and vibration-transmission requirements, 2) restricted volumes with minimal deflection, and/or 3) an extremely high thermal conductance to low mass ratio. 
X-Series® straps are made with high conductance Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets (PGS), and are also available with Graphene Foils (when suitable).  While they offer superior thermal performance to GFTS® products, all forms of pyrolytic graphite and graphene foil (sheet) straps are more fragile than metallic or graphite fiber straps, and are not suitable for certain applications (nor are they ideal for cryogenic applications). As a result—just as is the case in any other thermal strap program—it is critical that customers work with our experts to ensure an X-Series® strap is an appropriate solution.
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