2024 X-Series® Catalog

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Newly designed and updated, TAI's 2024 edition replaces our original 12 standard models with 3 base models with customizable end fittings to accommodate your bolt patterns and the number of sheets required to meet your conductance requirement(s). 
Standard units are length and bolt pattern customizable (at no additional charge), and most small orders are shipped within 9-10 weeks (this includes the straps + chromated fittings + mylar sleeves, and material certs, CoC's and a one-year warranty). Testing will increase lead time. 
To request a copy, complete the form or reach out directly to our Director of Business Development, Tyler Link. Mr. Link is available from 7 AM - 7 PM MST/ 14:00-02:00 GMT), 7 days a week.
IMPORTANT NOTEWe do not send catalogs to generic email accounts (gmail, yahoo, etc.), for security reasons. Please use your organization email when requesting a catalog (you are not put on a spam or marketing email list). 

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