2020 X-Series® Catalog

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TAI is proud to introduce our first edition of the industry's first and only "X-Series® Catalog." Our 2020 edition features 6 standard models with 2 semi-customizable end fitting options and free bolt pattern & sheet length customization, without the burden of NRE or Design Fees associated with prototype programs.
All standard models now offer even higher thermal performance, and the catalog now features more information about our PGL spaceflight qualification history.
Most orders are shipped within 7 - 8 weeks. We also provide substantial discounts to all New Customers, NASA, ESA, and JAXA, as well as generous "Returning Customer Discounts" for many follow-on orders!
To request a copy, complete the form on the right, and our Director of Business Development, Tyler Link, will send you a copy.  If you have more immediate needs or would like to discuss a PGL™ or GTL™ inquiry now, please feel free to contact us at anytime.  Mr. Link is available from 7 AM - 7 PM MST/ 14:00-02:00 GMT), 7 days a week.

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