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Technology Applications, Inc. (TAI), located in Boulder, Colorado, is the world's largest manufacturer of Thermal Straps (Flexible Thermal Links). Our team offers the most extensive custom and standard strap product lines in the industry, as well as annual editions of our thermal strap catalogs.  Each year, our machinists and technicians manufacture thousands of copper (and aluminum-copper hybrid), and hundreds of graphite thermal straps for customers ranging from NASA, to national laboratories, universities, cryogenic and photonics engineering firms, and aerospace organizations across the globe. Our straps also have extensive space flight heritage and are used on dozens of satellites, CubeSats, NanoSats, and nearly all American commercial crew and cargo vehicles.

In addition to our strap products, TAI specializes in aerospace and laboratory thermal management engineering and product development.  Our team is currently developing state-of-the-art flexible heat exchangers for the US Government and aerospace organizations, and provides thermal management consultation services. 







   Thermal strap programs - new home version  WHAT SETS TAI APART? 

Unmatched Experience | In-House Fabrication | Space Flight Heritage

No other company has the level of strap design or fabrication experience, nor produces the sheer volume of custom & standard model strap products that TAI does. Further, TAI designs and assembles all of the straps we sell, setting us apart in the industry.  As a result, we can offer the highest quality, lowest-priced straps on the market.  The TAI team has over 82 combined years of strap design, fabrication, and qualification, and we are proud to have developed and delivered more thermal straps than any organization in history.

Our strap products have extensive flight heritage and are used in large-scale semiconductor, particle accelerator, and cryogenic engineering programs across the globe.  Because we have the proper production facilities, support staff, engineers, and a team of technicians (that have years of hands-on fabrication experience with every strap we sell), TAI alone has the capabilities and proven track record you can count on to fill any order. 

From a single strap for a cryocooler or star tracker, to thousands of units for cryomodules or cold boxes for the US Department of Energy, Fermi and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Labs, Honeywell, BAE-Systems, ASML (and many more), we've done it all, and our customer service, prices, and quality cannot be beat.

Pictured (Top): Boeing's CST-100 Starliner uses over 100 GFTS® assemblies for battery system cooling (image credit Boeing.com).
Pictured (Bottom):TAI supplied several thousand CuTS® products for SLAC's LCLS-II Cryomodules (image credit FNAL.gov) 



ORION using TAI thermal strapsWhen your program, expensive equipment, or even lives are on the line, it's critical you know who is making your straps—and that your supplier has a truly experienced team of engineering and manufacturing experts (to avoid quality, conformance, and performance issues).  It's also critical that your supplier is easy to communicate with, available outside of regular business hours, innovative, and loves what they do! 

That's why our Director of Business Development is available via phone & email from 7 AM - 7 PM MST (14:00 - 02:00 GMT), seven days/week. It's why our Engineering and Manufacturing team works evenings and weekends to keep up with the volume of orders, and why we always provide front-end design consultation and assessment services FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL CUSTOMERS.  You deserve to feel completely comfortable with the team you are working with, and the product you are buying, before you ever place an order!

At TAI, we understand it is vital to present all customers with the facts, all of their options, and a complete understanding of product trade-offs—before we sell any of our products. Setting your program up for success is, and will always be, more important than making a sale.   

Pictured: Testing of the ORION capsule, which uses both Graphite Fiber Thermal Straps (GFTS®) and PGS PyroFlex® Thermal Straps designed and manufactured by TAI (image credit: NASA).
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