Spaceflight Model Thermal Straps
Our spaceflight model gallery highlights just some of the thousands of satellite / spaceflight model thermal straps we've designed for customers from the United States, Europe, and Japan. To learn more about our copper strap design, fabrication and testing capabilities, contact us today!

*Unlike some sites, TAI never uses stolen, manipulated, or photo-shopped images to falsely portray non-existent product lines, strap customization and plating capabilities, program heritage, or production & assembly capacity (like some of our competitors). For example: many images of TAI's thermal straps are stolen from our website and catalogs, and illegally used to market poor quality, welded, (ETP) copper electrical shunts on These are not thermal strap suppliers, nor engineering firms (unfortunately, some of our customers have fallen victim to this type of false/misleading advertising). 

Thermal Straps


European Commercial Satellite Thermal Links

Custom FM CuTS® - European Comm. Sat.

NASA Thermal Strap

Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

Dual-armed Thermal Straps

Dual-armed CuTS®

Comsat Copper Thermal Straps

Custom FM CuTS® - Comsat

CuTS by TAI - FM multiplanar and offset end fittings

Cutsom FM CuTS® - Multiplanar/Offset Fitting

Thermal Straps

FM Electronics Box CuTS® - NASA

Thermal Straps


Thermal Straps - NASA JPL

Radiator FM CuTS® - NASA-JPL

Multi-planar thermal straps

Multiplanar CuTS® - Satellite Prototype

Thermal Straps

 Custom CuTS® Stiffness Testing 

99.99% Pure Gold Plated Thermal Strap

99.99% Pure Au-Plated CuTS® 

Thermal Straps - NASA


DLR - ESA Copper Thermal Straps

Customized CuTS® Cryo Instrument - DLR

ESA Thermal Straps - Copper

EUI Solar Orbiter Custom FM CuTS® - ESA

Copper Thermal Straps


OSIRIS REx (NASA) Flight Model Copper Thermal Straps


Thermal Straps

Mars Rover Prototype CuTS® - NASA

Thermal Straps

Satellite Optical Instrument P6-503 CuTS®

Copper Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - NASA

Thermal Straps

Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

Thermal Straps

Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

Electronics Box Thermal Straps

Electronics Box FM CuTS®

NASA Copper Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® NASA

Thermal Straps TAI

Multiplanar CuTS® - Canadian Space Agency

Copper Thermal Straps - TAI Space Flight Heritage

Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

Single row P5-503 NASA Thermal Strap.jpg
Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

NASA Thermal Straps

Custom FM CuTS® NASA

NASA Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® NASA

P5-503 - UltraFlex - Design Gallery.jpg

Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

NASA GOES-T Thermal Straps - TAI

GOES-T Custom CuTS® - NOAA

P6-501 NASA Thermal Straps


Electronics Box CuTS NASA 

Custom Electronics Box CuTS®

GOES U in Fit Check Fixture - Design Gallery.jpg

GOES-U Custom CuTS® in Fit Check Fixture

Thermal Straps NASA

Custom FM CuTS® - NASA

 Nickel Plated Thermal Strap

Electroless Ni-Plated CuTS® (Optical System) 

Parker Solar Probe - NASA Copper Thermal Straps - TAI

Custom FM CuTS® & Brackets - NASA

 Thermal Links NASA Copper

8 (of 24) P5-503 (Single Row) CuTS® - NASA

Thermal Straps 

Customized CS-45AL CuTS® - NASA JPL

Star Tracker Thermal Straps

NASA Star Tracker FM CuTS® - Clamping Bracket Interface Plates

Star Tracker Thermal Links

NASA Star Tracker FM CuTS® - Clamping Heat Pipe Interface Plates

 Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - NASA JPL Cryocooler Interface

Thermal Straps

Custom CuTS® - NASA JPL

NASA Heat Pipe Interface Thermal Straps - Design Gallery 

Heat Pipe Interface Custom CuTS® - NASA 

NASA Heat Pipe Interface thermal Straps 2  

Heat Pipe Interface Custom CuTS® - NASA

Thermal Straps 

 Custom Cryocooler CuTS® - JHU/NASA JPL

NASA Thermal Straps - Custom Copper Links

Custom CuTS® - NASA

OHB EnMAP thermal straps - Design Gallery

 EnMAP Straps and Star Tracker Adapter Plates

Ball Thermal Straps - CuTS - T-shaped end fittings - Design Gallery

Custom CuTS® - Ball Aerospace

Star Tracker Thermal Strap Fittings - Ring Plates - Design Gallery

Star Tracker Thermal Strap Fittings

Aluminum Hybrid Copper Thermal Strap - Design Gallery 2

Al Hybrid CuTS - Europa Clipper Mission 

CU LASP Aluminum Hybrid Copper Thermal Straps - DEsign Gallery

FM CuTS for Europa Clipper


Custom CuTS® - ADS Merlin Mission


Ball Aerospace Custom CuTS®


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