Thermal Straps

Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS®) 

In addition to our graphite, PGS, graphene, and aluminum strap products, TAI offers solderless, OFHC copper rope / cabling thermal straps (CuTS®); also referred to as heat straps, thermal braids, or "flexible thermal links." While our copper straps are used in space applications by NASA, and aerospace primes like Airbus, Ball Aerospace, & Lockheed Martin, they are more commonly used in electronics and laboratory applications by universities, technology companies, and National Laboratories, as the most durable and affordable heat strap commercially-available (at just a fraction of the cost of any competing copper, carbon or aluminum strap). 

At TAI, we live by our four core principles: Quality, Customer Service,  Affordability, and In-House Design & Assembly (we don't outsource this to 3rd parties---ensuring our customers get the highest quality straps in the industry). It's these principles that have made TAI the top strap supplier in the world; trusted by NASA, and aerospace & research organizations across the globe. Each year, TAI designs, manufactures and tests thousands of standard & custom copper straps, making us the World's top strap supplier. 

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