Thermal Straps

Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS®) 

In addition to our graphite, PGS, graphene, and aluminum strap products, TAI offers solderless OFHC copper rope / cabling thermal straps (CuTS®); also referred to as heat straps, "thermal braids," or "flexible thermal links." CuTS® are assembled on-site (by our experts), using our unique (proprietary), cold press process, and never welded, brazed or soldered (setting them apart from straps that are often outsourced from 3rd party machine shops or Asian electrical component manufacturers, and then simply repackaged).

While our copper straps are used in space applications by NASA, and aerospace primes like Airbus, Ball Aerospace, & Lockheed Martin, they are more commonly used in electronics and laboratory applications by universities, technology companies, and National Laboratories, as the most durable and affordable heat strap commercially-available (at just a fraction of the cost of any competing copper, carbon or aluminum strap). 

At TAI, we live by our four core principles: Quality, Customer Service,  Affordability, and In-House Design & Assembly. It's these principles that have made TAI the top strap supplier in the world; trusted by NASA, and aerospace & research organizations across the globe. Each year, TAI designs, manufactures and tests thousands of standard & custom copper straps, making us the World's top strap supplier. 

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