Thermal Strap Flexibility Videos

It is next to impossible to provide (projected) stiffness data for any thermal strap/link, as stiffness is dependent upon braid length (BL), width, number or ropes/rows, thickness, model, installation configuration and other factors.  However, TAI can provide flexibility demonstration videos, in addition to stiffness data on our CuTS™ and GFTS™ products (measured in N/mm), in order to give you a better understanding of the flexibility of our products.

While copper rope straps are the most durable and flexible strap on the market (offering a large range of motion on each axis---in nearly all cases), it is important to note that double row straps with short braid lengths (typically < 2.5cm), can become fairly stiff (still more flexible than a stacked foil configuration).  In these situations, it is critical that TAI's engineering and design team get involved in the strap design process (this is complimentary), in order to find design solutions to maximize flexibility. 


 CuTS™ Videos

  This video demonstrates the flexibility of one of our very small, single row custom CuTS™, using our old TAI Standard braid.  Even with a BL of only 0.5", single row units are extremely flexible (and models using UltraFlex are even more so).
  Often prospective clients are concerned with flexibility due to previous negative experiences with fragile and extremely stiff aluminum and copper foil straps.  As you can see from this demonstration, TAI's CuTS are incredibly flexible on each axis.
   P5-501 Flexing.

 P5-501 Flexing.

This video demonstrates the flexibility of a custom double row (502) strap.  This strap is much wider, and therefore less flexible than a P6-502, or P7-502, but you can see that in any event, double row straps are still easily flexed and not as stiff and fragile as aluminum or copper foil straps.

 GFTS™ Videos


This video shows the typical range of motion associated with our U-shaped GFTS assemblies (like those found on the ORION spacecraft).  This is a single row, larger section of a nested configuration, with an approximate width of 5", and BL of 3.5".  Like stacked metallic foil straps, GFTS™ are most flexible when gentle bends/arcs are designed into them flexible portion ("U, C, and J-shaped straps").  Unlike metallic foils or carbon sheet straps, however, GFTS™ offer flexibility on all axes, and are far more durable.


In this video, one of our previously offered "Standard Evaluator U" straps, is flexed.  Variations of these straps have been used on numerous  programs.