The Most Durable Carbon-Based Thermal Strap

TAI provides the world's only graphite fiber thermal straps / links (GFTS®), and the only carbon-based thermal strap standard product lines. GFTS® assemblies are the space industry's standard for lightweight, high conductance, flexible straps, and TAI alone has the graphite thermal strap spaceflight heritage required by NASA, JAXA, and ESA.
GFTS® products differ from Graphene and Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS) Links (offered by TAI and others), because they offer flexibility on all 3 axes, they have been extensively space-qualified, and they are more robust/offer superior durability over carbon film/sheet/foil configurations. The average GFTS® assembly is a fraction of the mass of metallic straps, yet GFTS® program and unit costs are the same as competing aluminum and copper foil straps. 
TAI manufactures hundreds of GFTS® Prototype, Proto-Flight (PF), and Flight Model (FM) units each year, and is currently filling 3rd and 4th round follow-on orders of FM straps for spaceflight programs like NASA's ORION Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.