Terrestrial & Spaceflight PGL™ Thermal Straps

Our X-Series® PGL™ Design Gallery is not only a testament to our expertise and heritage, but our ability to accommodate a vast array of customer demands.   The following pictures are just a sampling of the straps TAI has manufactured for a number of spaceflight, ground-based, and airborne applications (both prototype and FM's or follow-on orders) in the United States and Europe.

*Unlike some sites, TAI never uses stolen, manipulated, or photo-shopped images to falsely portray non-existent product lines, customization, plating services, production & assembly capabilities, or past program history. For example: many images seen online are either stolen from TAI's website, or poorly edited and taken from different angles in an attempt to conceal the quality or type of strap pictured, or to create the illusion of extensive program history. 


General_Atomics_PGL_thermal_straps_TAI General Atomics - PGS Thermal Links / Straps (PGL™) used to cool Fast Steering Mirrors (program name and performance information withheld).  April 2020.
PGL Thermal Strap by TAI - In Shipping Fixtures_ LMCO / NGC/ BATC - PGS Thermal Links / Straps (PGL™) used to cool instruments on the next gen OPIR satellite programApril 2020.
Photos Not Available / Proprietary



LMCO - PGS Thermal Links / Straps (PGL™) with high conductivity carbon fiber end fittings (200 W/m-K), used to cool instruments on airborne platform (program name and images withheld).  January 2020.



PGS_Thermal_Straps_TAI_slider DLR - PGS Thermal Links / Straps (PGL™) used to cool optical instruments and radiator on the Merlin Program.  April 2019.
X-Series PGL  thermal links__Mylar Sleeve and Shipping Fixture__NASA NASA - PGS Thermal Links / Straps (PGL™) used to cool ultra-fine laser pointing system LEO (low earth orbit) prototype platform. PGL™ identified as ideal candidate for future missions using these platforms which combine a system of lenses and photodetector arrays.  October 2018.



TAI will be adding 2 more program photos by July. Stay tuned...




TAI will be adding 2 more programs by July. Stay tuned...




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