501 and 502 Series CuTS®

Thermal Straps

The Copper Thermal Strap (CuTS®) Standard Product line is comprised of 3 Models (P5, P6, and P7), and 24 sub-models/"Series" (the "501 - 506" Series). The original Standard Series (-501 and -502 straps), are single and double row links/straps with flat, rectangular fittings.
All of our Standard Series Copper Strap models are cabling/rope length and bolt pattern customizable at no charge, and most orders are shipped in as little as 4-6 weeks. Standard / "off-the-shelf" straps are ideal for customers on restricted budgets, or needing straps quickly.
NEW OFFERING: TAI now offers gold and nickel plating for all of our copper thermal strap products. Please note that plating adds a small fee, and increases lead times by 1-2 weeks.
While these are referred to as standard / off-the-shelf, TAI has a limited supply of off-the-shelf models available for immediate shipment (all of which are a standard length, and without bolt holes).  We do not keep large stocks of off-the-shelf straps, as each customer requires custom braid lengths, bolt patterns (and often) some end fitting / terminal block customization. Depending on the time of year, we can offer expedited orders down to just 3-4 weeks, but please keep in mind that thermal straps do take time, and it is always best to contact us at least 6-9 weeks before you need straps.
To view a gallery with dozens of pictures of our CuTS® standard product line and custom CuTS® units used in space, laboratory and commercial electronics applications, visit our Copper Thermal Strap Gallery page now.