CuTS™ Standard Product Line

TAI now manufactures our popular copper thermal strap assemblies in 18 models.  All standard straps are braid length and bolt pattern customizable at no charge. For minor changes to end fitting dimensions, please contact us to discuss. Our staff is willing to work with your program to minimize NRE/design fees, to help you avoid paying the full cost of a typical custom program.

Please note that custom straps typically cost the same as standards (on a per unit basis), but there is a small additional NRE/Design Fee. Copper Thermal Straps

Standard Series Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS™)

  • Most affordable straps commercially available
  • Builf to the same exacting quality standards as all aerospace customer straps
  • Typical 4-5 week lead times (can increase during Government procurement rushes)
  • Made entirely of OFHC cu (CU-101)
  • Solder-Free 
  • Designed and fabricated for optimized flexibility
  • Available in single and double row straps
  • Available in 3 fixed widths
  • Bolt pattern customization - FREE OF CHARGE
  • Braid Length - FREE OF CHARGE
  • 18 standard models to choose from

Standard CuTS™ Models

Complete drawings, details and specs on all of our standard models can be found in the new 2017 CuTS Catalog™. To get your copy, please complete the form on your left and our Marketing & Sales Department will send you a catalog and questionnaire within hours. 

To see flexibility demonstrations of our standard and custom CuTS™, click here now!

For important tips on designing and ordering thermal straps, please visit our new web page: Thermal Strap Design & Ordering Tips, now!

If you would like to submit an inquiry, download our CuTS™ Questionnaire, complete, and send to our Director of Business Development, Tyler Link.  Mr. Link is available to discuss your inquiry from 06:00 - 22:00 MST, 13:00 - 05:00 GMT, 7 days/week, and we can get you an assessment in 1-3 business days (max).