504™ Model Straps

"The U-Series"

The 504™ (U-Series) thermal straps (heat straps) were developed specifically for applications in which interfaces are parallel to one another, close together, and the straps must maintain a high degree of flexibility.  These models are designed to be flexed and easily-installed in tight u and c-shaped configurations, without putting unnecessary stress on the hardware.  If your application requires a 504-Series strap, it is recommended you send a picture or model of your geometric envelope and interfaces, so we can determine the best strap and BL required for your application. 

These double-row straps come in P5™, P6™ and P7™ sizes (0.5" - 2.0" wide).  As with all  standard strap models, all U-Series straps are length customizable at no charge (with optional bolt pattern), and most orders ship in only 4 weeks. For important tips on designing and ordering your straps, visit our Thermal Strap Design and Ordering Tips page, and don't forget to request an electronic copy of our catalog in the form box to your left.

To see pictures or our 504™ model straps (and dozens of other custom and standard model thermal straps), visit our Copper Thermal Strap Gallery page.

Thermal Straps - CuTS P6-504