504 Model Change/Reclassification

"The U-Series"

The previous 504 (U-Series) thermal straps have all now been integrated with their respective 502 model counterparts.  The original 504 Series straps were developed specifically for applications in which interfaces were parallel to one another, close together, and the straps needed to maintain a high degree of flexibility.  These models are designed to be flexed and easily-installed in tight u and c-shaped configurations, without putting unnecessary stress on the hardware. 

As of September 2017 (and the release of the 2018 CuTS® Catalog),  TAI will simply add a longer outer row to existing 502 Series straps, to accommodate the installation shape/routing required by the customer.  This also results in a small unit price reduction on all previous 504 Series straps.

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Thermal Straps - CuTS P6-504