Graphite Fiber Thermal Straps (GFTS®)

The World's Only Flexible, Carbon-Based Strap with Spaceflight Heritage

TAI provides the world's only graphite fiber thermal straps / links (GFTS®), and the only carbon-based thermal strap standard product line. GFTS® assemblies are the space industry's standard for lightweight, high conductance, flexible straps, and TAI alone has the graphite thermal strap spaceflight heritage required by NASA, JAXA, and ESA.
Unlike Graphene and Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS) Straps/Links (offered by TAI and others), GFTS® assemblies have been extensively space-qualified, and do not tear / are not catastrophically damaged by simple mishandling or typical vibration and shock profiles associated with launch and operational use. The average GFTS® assembly is also a fraction of the mass of metallic straps, and provides superior vibration attenuation/isolation, yet GFTS® program and unit costs are the same as competing aluminum and copper foil straps.
TAI manufactures hundreds of GFTS® Prototype, Proto-Flight (PF), and Flight Model (FM) units each year, and is currently filling 3rd and 4th round follow-on orders of FM straps for spaceflight programs like NASA's ORION Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

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