Copper Thermal Strap Catalog Now Available

TAI published the world's first flexible copper thermal strap (off-the-shelf) catalog, for all cryogenics, aerospace and other hi-tech applications.  Our standard copper thermal links/straps, require zero NRE or design costs, are all available for well under $1,000/unit (and far cheaper in large orders over 15), and all straps are delivered in only 4-5 weeks.

Our CuTS are the highest quality thermal straps available in the cryogenics and aerospace industries.  The TAI CuTS are:

  • Completely epoxy-free, and made using only OFHC Copper
  • No Brazing or welding (for maximum flexibility)
  • Designed and fabricated for optimal performance in low temp and vacuum environments
  • 4-6x more thermally ocnductive than aluminum
  • Exponenetially more flexible than metallic foil straps
  • Far more durable than the fragile, easily destroyed, foil thermal straps provided by the competition or built in-house
  • Far cheaper than other thermal straps offered or fabricated in house
  • Delivered in 4 weeks

By using TAI to outsource your thermal strap design, fabrication and testing, you will save your organization thousands of dollars (we routinely save organizations like NASA or Lockheed Martin, tens of thousands of dollars in internal R&D time, and their own engineers' time, allowing them to focus on their direct work or program).

Check out our CuTS Catalog Page, and request your copy today!


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