Flexible Thermal Links

Flexible thermal links for heat transfer in cryogenics and all aerospace/hi-tech applications, are often the most affordable means of passive cooling, and cost between 75%-95% less than many active cooling systems. 

TAI provides the world's only Standardized copper thermal strap product line, providing copper thermal straps for any heat transfer application, at the most affordable rates available in North America and Europe, and we deliver all standard straps in only 4-5 weeks. 

If your program requires custom designed end fittings for your cryocoolers, electronics boxes, phased antenna arrays, optical instruments and any other application, our custom straps retail for the same low rate as standards, but with the addition of an affordable NRE/Design charge.

To place your order for any custom or standard flexible copper thermal links today, contact our Marketing Department at 303.867.8145, or tlink@techapps.com



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