Solderless Flexible Thermal Links

TAI provides the most durable, flexible and affordable Solderless Flexible Copper Thermal Links in the world.  Our OFHC braid Flexible Thermal Links are ideal for any heat transfer application on a tight budget, or any cryogenic application, as they are 3-6x more thermally conductive than aluminum or graphite below 100K.

Our standard product line flexible thermal links are all available for 3-4x less than other straps commercially available, and require zero NRE and design fees.  All of our standard Flexible Thermal Links are shipped in 4 weeks, and customs are shipped in 6-7.  Per unit prices for larger orders can be cut down as much as 60-80% depending on quantity---making our already affordably-priced links available for only hundreds of dollars.

To learn more about our epoxy and solderless Flexible Thermal Links, contact our Marketing & Sales Manager, Tyler Link, today.  303.867.8145



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