Flexible Thermal Straps

In case you hadn't noticed, TAI has been putting out a lot of videos on our youtube channel, demonstrating just how flexible our copper thermal straps are.

Our Solderless Flexible Thermal Links (made of copper, aluminum and graphite), are the most affordable, flexible, and highest quality thermal straps available in North America and Europe.

Every week, I hear from clients at our nation's national labs, universities and at organizations like NASA, Raytheon, BAE, LMCO, SSTL and Kayser-Threde, that are frustrated by the stiff, poor quality straps they have made in house or purchased from European and US providers (not to mention the high price they have paid for this hardware). They are often concerned that our straps are not as flexible as we say (and if you have ever seen an aluminum or copper foil strap trying to flex, you know what I mean).

While it is hard to give out stiffness data for thermal straps that are as flexible/limp as boiled spaghetti noodles, we can keep bringing you videos of our different custom and standard model straps.

If you would like to see some of our flexible thermal link's extremely-high flexibility, watch the videos below:

To learn more about TAI's thermal straps, give us a call today!

-Tyler Link


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