Flexible Thermal Link University Success Stories: Yale and UNC

TAI has rolled out its "CuTS University Success Stories" page on our website.  Over the last several years, our flexible copper thermal links/straps have been used by dozens of labs and universities, and we figured it's time we start highlighting the success of many of these programs (and our university partners), across the US and Europe.

The first success stories to highlight this season are from the University of North Carolina - Chapel HIll, and Yale.  At UNC - Chapel Hill, TAI provided custom CuTS units for the Marjorana Demonstrator Program, while our P6 and P7 straps are being used in some pretty impresive hardware over at Yale (who is now outsourcing CuTS from TAI on a routine basis).

Both programs are using our custom and standard product copper thermal straps, were able to take part in our "CuTS for University & National Lab Research Programs," and qualified for large discounts of 15%-30% off our normal (commercial) prices.

If your university and/or research program could benefit from our straps, give us a call today...and take a look at what these guys are doing too---it's pretty cool!

In the coming months, we will highlight other cutting edge university programs using our hardware--so come back and visit in the future to catch the latest (FYI - we are adding a page on current and future NASA, ESA and JAXA programs using Flexible Copper and Graphite Thermal Links in Space/Satellte Missions next month--check that out too!).

-Tyler Link
 Marketing & Sales Manager
 Technology Applications, Inc.
 (P) 303.867.8145
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