Thermal Straps - TAI's 2014 CuTS Catalog Coming out Q1 2014

Hello again everyone,

I wanted to send our several hundred blog & RSS subscribers (and clients). a quick note about the upcoming release of the 2014 CuTS Catalog:

Over the last year, our copper thermal strap standard product line has taken the US and European Aerospace Industry by storm, and we have also seen a great deal of interest and a high volume of sales from universities.  While this is excellent news, and we are very happy to see a spike in sales and popularity of both our CuTS and flexible graphite thermal strap product lines, we have noticed a serious need for several different types of new standard thermal strap models.

In the upcoming edition (which will also have a much-needed "face-lift"), we will be including 6+ new models with different types of end fittings, and other models optimized for weight reduction and/or convenient installation.

I will send out email notifications to all of our previous thermal strap clients and inquirers, with links to download the new catalog, sometime in February, so keep an eye out, and subscribe to our blog for further updates and notices of sales and other specials and updates.

On a side note: due to the popularity of our copper thermal strap standard and custom products, we have been barraged with dozens of CuTS orders in just the last month, and though we can of course fill any order placed in the coming months, our lead times will (unfortunately) be increasing a bit.  This should be minor, and will only affect orders place in December and January, but standard thermal strap orders will now likely take 6 weeks ARO, and customs 8-9.

Stay warm out there---it's about 5* F here in Boulder, CO! And as always, call or email me if you  have any questions or would like to discuss a future program.

-Tyler Link, Marketing & Sales Manager


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