OHB EnMAP - Star Tracker Ring Fittings - Close Up

EnMAP Copper Thermal Strap Assemblies Shipping Out - More Great Pictures of DLR's Spaceflight Program Straps

Following up on our blog from last week, TAI is now shipping out the EnMAP copper thermal straps, star tracker adapter fittings, and various extension and evaporator plates to OHB and the DLR.  This was a terrific program to work on, with extensive spaceflight qualification requirements. 

The pics below are just a few taken today by the TAI Manufacturing Team.  Thanks to everyone that worked so hard, helping us to design, assemble, clean, and perform the thermal cycling, stiffness and thermal conductance testing on the assemblies!

Thermal Straps - OHB EnMAP Complete Set of Straps plates and Star Tracker Rings

Pictured: Star Tracker Ring Adapter Fittings, Thermal Straps, Evaporator Plate, and 3 Cu Extension Plates.

OHB EnMAP - Star Tracker Ring Fittings - Close Up

Pictured: Close up of the Star Tracker Ring Adapter Fittings.

OHB EnMAP - Copper Extension Plate

Pictured: Close up of Cu Extension Plate (Evaporator Plate Pictured Above).


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