NASA BIRCHES Thermal Straps

TAI Delivers Custom CuTS for NASA's BIRCHES Instrument on Lunar IceCube

NASA Heat Pipe Interface thermal Straps - Cleaned.jpg

TAI is proud to announce our copper thermal strap (CuTS) products are involved in another NASA program scheduled for launch in 2018: Lunar IceCube.

NASA BIRCHES Thermal Straps - Set

These straps will be used in the Broadband InfraRed Compact High Resolution Exploration Spectrometer (BIRCHES), a central instrument of Lunar IceCube, a mission led by Ben Malphrus of Morehead State University that has been recently selected for a 2018 launch by NASA’s NextSTEP Program. BIRCHES will conduct an infrared spectroscopic investigation to improve our understanding of the distribution of volatiles, including water, on the Moon’s surface.

Stay tuned for more spaceflight program news, as TAI has multiple programs starting and wrapping up this spring.


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