PyroFlex™ Thermal Straps Headed to New Glenn Rocket

The engineering and manufacturing teams at TAI have been working round the clock to fill orders for our popular PyroFlex graphite sheet thermal straps, and among the orders shipped out this week is another set of space flight model units headed to Blue Origin's New Glenn Rocket!

Over the last two years, TAI's engineering team worked with the Design Engineers at Blue Origin to design and manufacture 50 thermal straps used to cool the Line Replaceable Units (LRU's) on New Glenn. Due to the high conductance to low mass requirements for this particular area of the rocket, only PyroFlex straps could be used, and a number of designs were needed, ranging in length from 150-330mm.

new glennNew Glenn is Blue Origin's heavy lift, reusable rocket (its first orbital rocket), and its first stage is designed to last 25 flights (while also using cleaner burning fuel and at less cost than competing rockets). The rocket itself is nearly 322 feet (98 meters) tall and can send roughly 50 tons (45 metric tons) to low Earth orbit. The company currently flies people and payloads to suborbital space with a smaller vehicle called New Shepard.

To learn more about New Glenn, visit the Blue Origin website here.

The TAI team would like to thank our friends at Blue Origin. We greatly appreciate your business and are thrilled to be a small part of your historic program!

Top photo: 6 of the PyroFlex™ Thermal Straps wrapped in mylar and installed in shipping fixtures.

Photo credit: Blue Origin


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