Sample Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap SOW - Part II

Sample Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap SOW - Part II

Phase II – Thermal Strap Flight Units

Task 8 – Thermal Strap Design Refinement

  • Effort will start as soon as practical, typically prior to completion of Phase I
  • Modify GFTS Flight unit design as necessary based on Prototype performance and evolving requirements: 
    • Changes to requirements or geometry will be documented by Customer via revision to specification or ICD, to be transmitted to TAI at the start of the Phase II effort
    • Final Flight unit design inputs to be provided no later than three (3) weeks after Phase II Program start
  • Updated design package (as necessary), to include:
    • Finalized assembly and component fabrication drawings
    • 3D Assembly models (.iam, STEP or IGES format)
    • Flight unit thermal analysis
    • Materials list

Task 9 – Flight Units - Component Procurement

  • Effort will typically start at completion of Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • Material certification and traceability typically required
  • Surface coatings in accordance with TBD specified process
    • Controlled process specification
    • Preferred source can be specified

Task 10 - Flight Units – Assembly

  • Flight Units assembled in accordance with TAI approved Work Instruction o Fabrication schedule consistent with quantity and design complexity
    • Marked with part numbers and unique serial numbers as required
  • Units are maintained as clean as possible, but not compliant with any specification

Task 11 - Flight Unit Testing

  • Flight Units tested for thermal conductance at room temperature
    • Equipment to test at greatly elevated or sub-ambient temperature is not currently available
    • Temperature dependent thermal conductivity of fiber material is know
  • Ensure compliance with thermal specifications, within allowed range
  • Capability to tailor thermal conductance if minimum/maximum thermal conductance range is required

Task 12 - Packaging and Shipping of Thermal Strap Assemblies

  • Shipping and handling fixture designed and fabricated to prevent damage during shipment
  • Shipment is FOB Boulder, CO

Task 13 - Integration & Technical Readiness Review Support

TAI shall provide:

  • A Technical Report detailing Flight unit construction and testing, to include methods and results
  • Presentation material and telecon support for TRR, tentatively scheduled for TBD days after project start
  • TAI will host a 1/2 -day site visit from Customer for supplier inspection or test witnessing, should it become necessary
  • End-item data packages approved by Supplier QA and containing the following data items shall be provided to Customer:
    • Indentured parts list (IPL) showing the “as-built” configuration
    • Top level assembly drawings
    • 3D Assembly models (STEP or IGES format)
    • All Engineering Change Proposals, deviations and waivers initiated after CDR
    • Acceptance Test Reports documenting all formal flight hardware acceptance testing and results, including acceptance test data sheets showing evidence of Supplier QA approval. Include verification of Test Equipment calibration status and traceability to NIST or equivalent national standard.
    • Component travelers delineating key inspection points
    • Nonconforming material reports
    • Failure reports
    • Certification of Conformance signed by an officer of the company
    • Completed Requirements Verification Matrix with verification method/date
    • ICDs and user’s guides required for integration, installation and use of the Thermal Strap Assembly

Task 14 - Administration Support

  • Procedures per TAI Quality Management system (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control-compliant), to include:
    • Configuration control
    • Engineering Change, Deviation, and Waiver provisions
    • Customer participation
    • Inspection and non-conformance procedures
    • Customer participation
    • Corrective Actions
    • Customer participation
    • Instrument calibration
    • First Article Inspection per AS9102
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly telecons with Customer as required o Progress, schedule and budget updates
    • Issues to be resolved and commitment dates

While this Sample SOW is meant to be an example of the typical Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap Statement of Work, it can also be used as a sample SOW for a custom and/or space flight Copper Thermal Strap program. To learn more about how our experts can help your group draft a thermal strap specification and statement of work, contact TAI today!


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