Sample Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap Statement of Work (SOW) – Part I

Sample Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap SOW - Part I


This blog is intended to be a template for a typical Statement of Work (SOW) for TAI to produce TBD custom designed Graphite Fiber Thermal Strap (GFTS) units for (Customer) in support of the TBD program. Please note that this is only a sample and constructed to follow a typical project plan to determine product applicability and performance verification in the most cost-effective manner. Please also note that while the vast majority of our CuTS programs do not require this level of detail (and this sample is written for a GFTS SOW), you can use many of the same elements from this sample SOW to create a SOW for a CuTS flight program.

Other approaches are available based upon specific Customer needs.

The project effort is typically performed in two phases:

• Phase I - in which the GFTS units will be designed and two (2) Prototype Units will be constructed to demonstrate thermal and mechanical performance

• Phase II - in which design modifications will be incorporated into the Prototype Units as necessary and TBD Flight Units will be produced 

Technical support will be available in both phases to support design reviews and other administrative activities such as status meeting and schedule tracking.

Reference Documents

  • Specification (i.e. all relevant written requirements)
  • Interface Control Drawing (ICD)
  • Applicable process documents
  • Applicable quality assurance documents

Phase I - GFTS Design and Prototype

Task 1 - Thermal Strap Design & Analysis 

TAI shall design Flight-like GFTS units that will conform to the following requirements:

  • Conforms to requirements of (ref docs)
  • A firm ICD has not been provided at the time of this SOW
    • Customer shall provide a detailed ICD during Phase I
    • Per telephone conversations with representatives from Customer, the interfaces shall consist of TBD
    • It is assumed that threaded holes will be provided at the interface with the spacecraft in the geometry that TAI will specify for that end of the GFTS unit
    • The design inputs for the Flight Units will be completed no more than four (4) weeks after Program start. The final design of the Flight units is contingent on the outcome of prototype testing

If desired based on schedule and budget concerns, TAI shall design simplified Prototype GFTS units that will conform to the following requirements:

  • Meet the geometry and performance of the Flight Units as much as practical
    • Prototype units will be constructed to original Flight Unit Design as derived during Design Task
    • If multiple Flight Unit configurations are very different from each other, the Prototype unit(s) will conform to a median configuration that will approximate all of the Flight units, with input from Customer
    • Simpler components and assembly as driven by cost constraints
    • Design inputs for the Prototype units will be provided no later than two (2) weeks after project start
  • Requires no Quality Control procedures or records

Task 2 – Thermal Strap Prototype Component Procurement

  • No material certification or traceability typically required
  • No metal coatings specified
  • Some materials have 2-4 week lead time if not stocked at TAI
  • All materials typically consistent with NASA low-outgassing requirements
    • Unless otherwise specified by Customer
    • Test results on record at TAI for typical fabrication materials

Task 3 - Strap Prototype Assembly

  • Two (2) prototype units assembled in accordance with existing TAI Work Instruction and best practices
    • Each will be marked with part number and unique serial number
    • The TAI GFTS assembly Work Instruction is not a deliverable item
  • No dimensional inspections of components or final assembly unless otherwise specified
  • As clean as possible, but not compliant with any specification

Task 4 - Strap Prototype Testing

  • Both prototypes tested for thermal conductance at room temperature at TAI prior to delivery
    • Must meet specification prior to shipping
    • Thermal test per existing TAI Work Instruction and best practices
    • TAI lacks the equipment to test at elevated or sub-ambient temperatures
  • Compare measured results to analysis and predictions
  • Test data provided with strap shipment

Task 5 - Thermal Strap Packaging and Shipping 

  • Typical shipment is FOB Boulder, CO with customer providing shipping method
  • Design and fabricate shipping and handling fixture to prevent damage

Task 6 – Critical Design Review (CDR) Support

TAI shall provide:

  • A Technical Report detailing prototype construction and testing, to include methods and results, excluding proprietary information
  • Presentation material and telecon support for Critical Design Review, tentatively scheduled TBD after Program start (typically does not exceed 16 hours of effort)
  • Preliminary design package, to include:
    • Assembly and component fabrication drawings (> 90% maturity
    • 3D Assembly models (STEP or IGES format)
    • Prototype thermal analysis and test results
    • Customized GFTS Work Instruction to show compliance with good work practices

Task 7 - Administration Support

  • Bi-weekly telecons or as required by Customer
  • Monthly progress, schedule and budget updates
  • Support for Customer Technical Interchange Meetings, as needed




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