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TAI Completes the First Gold Plated, Swaged Copper Foil Thermal Strap

In a year of records and firsts, I am happy to announce yet another from the TAI team: we have just completedand now offer the industry's firstgold-plated, swaged OFHC copper foil thermal strap (CuFS).  The large prototype unit (pictured below), was manufactured by TAI for an R&D program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Illinois.

Gold Plated Copper Foil Thermal Strap - With Ruler

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Pictured: LAB GRADE Au Plated CuFS by TAI. 

The 12" long unit was made using TAI's swage process (solderless, weld/heat-free), and the end fittings were plated with our proprietary LAB GRADE Gold Plating (99.7% pure au, non-magnetic diffusion barrier).  

TAI's plating process is highly clean, and has been used on dozens of orders in 2018 alone. 

For a small additional fee, customers can choose our LAB GRADE Gold Plating for both of our copper strap products, and have the choice of plating either the entire strap (fittings + foil or fittings + cables), or just the fittings (note that a small amount of gold plating will wick up foils or ropes).

We are looking forward to continued work with ORNL and the University of Illinois, and have a second, gold-plated foil strap program (for another university customer), starting this month!

As always; a big thank you to our team, as well as our wonderful customers!

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