TAI Fills Orders for Dozens of Gold Plated Thermal Straps

TAI just shipped several dozen of our standard and custom Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS®) plated with our exclusive LAB GRADE Palladium-Gold flash-plating, to customers at Yale University, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, NASA, NASA JPL, and several others. Pictured below are just a handful of the dozens of straps going out this September, and the hundreds of gold and nickel plated straps shipped in 2022:

Gold plated CS-85E Thermal Straps CS-85AL and CS-95C Gold Plated Copper Thermal Straps - JPL
Gold Plated P5-502 Thermal Straps Gold Plated P5-505 Thermal Straps
Gold Plated P6-505 Copper Thermal Straps Gold plated P5-505 and P5-502s


TAI also published our latest in a series of 6 Thermal Strap Design Galleries, our "Nickel & Gold Plated Copper Thermal Strap Gallery."  Over the course of the next year, TAI will be adding more pictures of our LAB GRADE and Nickel flash-plated straps to this, our fourth copper thermal strap gallery. So come back and check it out for more great images of our plated straps!


LAB GRADE Pd-Au Thermal Strap PlatingGold Plated Thermal Strap - TAI - 317x211

The team at TAI is proud to be the only thermal strap supplier that offers this exclusive flash plating option. The process, refined and perfected over 7 years by our engineers (in partnership with a previous customer and several partnering plating vendors), is optimized for flexibility, yet thick enough to provide the protection and emissivity benefits demanded by our cryogenic engineering customers. While TAI offers gold plating to nearly any spec, our exclusive LAB GRADE plating is our most popular option, given its non-magnetic diffusion base layer, high quality, and affordable pricing.

To learn more about our nickel and gold plating options, or request a copy of our 2022 CuTS Catalog, visit our website today or contact me at any time. As the Director of Business Development (with an international customer base), I am available via cell and email from 7 AM - 7 PM Mountain, 7 days/week.


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