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TAI Introduces our Aluminum Foil Thermal Strap (AlTS) Standard and Custom Product Line

Alulminum Foil Thermal Straps - AlTSPictured: A5-501 AlTS® with Al 6061 Fittings and Al 1100 0.001" Foils (December 2018)


The TAI team is pleased to announce we now offer custom and standard model Aluminum Foil Thermal Strap (AlTS™).

Like our F-Series OFHC Copper Foil Thermal Straps (CuFS™), AlTS™ are available in 3 fixed widths (the A5, A6, and A7-Series), and are length and bolt pattern customizable at no charge. Standard orders ship in as little as 6 weeks, and customs in 7-8 weeks, depending on complexity and quantity.

Thermal Straps__A5-501 AlTS and F5-501 CuFSBecause 1100 Al has roughly one third the density of copper and half the thermal conductivity, intrinsically there is a mass benefit of up to one third less for aluminum compared to copper straps. While our CuTS® and X-Series® products are often a better substitute for an AlTS, there are some airborne and spaceflight applications which may benefit from an AlTS solution (particularly those that are extremely mass sensitive, operating at 50 - 70K, and with a relatively small amount of heat to dissipate).

Pictured: A5-501 and F5-501 Thermal Straps (December 2018).

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