Thermal Straps_Nickel Plated Al-Cu Hybid

TAI Now Offers World's Only Plated Al-Cu Hybrid Thermal Straps

On behalf of the TAI team, I am thrilled to announce another first for our company, and the thermal strap industry as a whole: Electroless Nickel-Plated Al-Cu Hybrid CuTS® Products

Al-Cu Hybrid Thermal Strap - Electroless Nickel Plated P5-502Pictured: Electroless Ni-Plated P5-502 Al-Cu Hybrid Thermal Strap

New for 2019, and exclusively offered by TAI, our experts now provide the world's only gold and nickel-plated Al-Cu hybrid thermal straps.  Previously, it was only possible to plate straps made entirely of copper OR aluminum.  Now, customers requiring the corrosion protection of electroless nickel and the thermal performance of OFHC cu cables, can have the added benefit of lightweight aluminum end fittings (reducing overall strap mass as much as 60%, depending on rope length); making Al-Cu hybrid thermal straps an attractive option for defense, spaceflight and airborne applications.

Al-Cu Hybrid Strap - Pre Nickel PlatingP5-502 Al-Cu Hybrid CuTS® Thermal Straps_Nickel Plated Al-Cu HybidAl-Cu Hybrid, Post-Plating (August 2019)

More program pictures of custom and standard Al-Cu hybrid CuTS coming soon! 


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