TAI Releases our new Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Thermal Straps - Will be Releasing Graphene Composite Sheet Thermal Straps Soon!

TechApps is happy to announce we have released our newest thermal strap product: Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Thermal Straps

These revolutionary thermal strap products are the newest, lightest, most efficient thermal strap product commercially-available. While they do not have flight heritage, and have not yet undergone space qualification testing in space flight model (FM) programs (like our copper and graphite fiber thermal straps), they are currently being tested at our facility, and in partnership with our sister company, TAI-inc.us, and at our partnering, nationally-renowned testing facility.

These straps are made using either Al 6061, or our Aerospace -Grade, Carbon Fiber Composite End Fittings, and can be made with either pyrolytic graphite (PGS), or ultra-high conductance (UHC) graphene composite sheets (TAI will be releasing the 97% Graphene Compsosite version in early 2017). They offer 4-5 the material thermal conductance of copper, and greater than 2x the conductance of our GFTS products (though, they are not a replacement product).

It is important to understand that though these straps offer higher thermal performance than other graphite, copper, and aluminum straps, they are not a replacement product.  While they are ideal for certain applications (such as in limited space/low-profile applications like electronics boxes), they do not offer flexibility on all 3 axis like a copper rope or graphite fiber thermal strap.  They are also more delicate than any other thermal strap available.

Despite some of these drawbacks, they are uniquely suited to very specific space applications, and TechApps is beginning a prototype program with a US-based aerospace customer in July of 2016.

TechApps will be releasing more information on the features and benefits of our PGS Thermal Strap products, and test data, later this summer. To learn more about the newest. most efficient, and revolutionary new thermal strap product available, contact us today!



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