TAI's Copper, Graphite, and PGS Thermal Straps Headed to Airbus, Ball, DLR, SLAC, NASA, and Many More This Week

2019 has been another record-breaking year for TAI, and things are only getting busier.  We are thrilled to announce that in addition to the new manufacturing equipment and vacuum chambers added to our facility this year, TAI will be expanding into a larger manufacturing facility in February 2020, and are now adding more Design Engineers and Technicians to accommodate our growing business (more news coming at the end of the year).

In the month of April, the TAI team will be shipping out over 300 copper, graphite fiber, and PGS thermal straps, to customers ranging from Ball Aerospace, to Airbus, the DLR, NASA, SLAC, the Department of Energy, and many more.  Check out some of these great strap pics taken by our Quality Engineer, Thermal Engineer, and Technicians over the last two weeks:


Custom CuTS® - Airbus Ground-Based Test Program for DLR



Custom CuTS® - Ball Aerospace Spaceflight Model Instrument System



Custom CuTS® - UHV Bragg Diffracting Crystal Cooling Straps for SLAC



X-Series® PGS Thermal Straps - DLR/CNES (Program Information Released Summer 2019)



X-Series® PGS Thermal Straps - DLR/CNES (Program Information Released Summer 2019)



X-Series® PGS Thermal Straps - DLR/CNES (Program Information Released Summer 2019)



Spaceflight Model Graphite Fiber Thermal Straps (GFTS®) - NASA's IXPE Mission


Stay tuned for more great pics and our program & company-expansion news! Updates are coming shortly, and will be posted on our News Page.


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