TAI's Gold Plated, UHV-Compatible Copper Thermal Straps Are A Hit...

The TAI team is happy to report we are now filling multiple orders for our wildly popular gold plated copper thermal straps (CuTS®).

Gold Plated Fermi Thermal Straps

Pictured: 6 custom thermal straps with 99.7% pure, "Lab Grade" Gold Plating destined for Fermi National Lab.

TAI's CuTS® products can be plated to different ASTM standards, though our Laboratory Grade and new NASA Grade are our most popular options with customers from Fermi National Lab, to NASA, Diamond Light Source, and universities across the United States.

Thermal Straps

All plated straps are designed, manufactured, and cleaned, using a proprietary method developed by TAI, to ensure straps are extremely clean, and ready for use in optical and UHV applications.  RGA Spectra Analysis demonstrates that our plated CuTS are just as clean as bare copper straps that were ultrasonically cleaned and subject to a 24 hour vacuum bake out.  

To learn more about our plating services, contact TAI today!


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