Cryogenic Graphite Thermal Straps for Quantum Computer

TAI's PyroFlex™ Thermal Straps Headed for Quantum Computing History

The TAI team is proud to announce our PyroFlex™ graphite sheet thermal straps will soon be part of quantum computing history!

TAI's engineers and support staff worked extensively with our customer over the course of the last two years to design, test, and deliver hundreds of copper (CuTS®) and pyrolytic graphite film sheet (PyroFlex™) thermal straps, which will be used to cool a large dilution refrigerator system built specifically for one of the world's largest quantum computers (customer & program nameamong other specificsare confidential until the customer's press release is published).

The thermal straps are used to remove waste heat generated by the cryostat and cryocoolers in the system, and while copper thermal straps are traditionally used for cryogenic applications  (given their exceptional thermal conductivity at lower temperatures), NIST and many companies in the US and Europe began studying the use of our PyroFlex™ and GFTS® products (in combination with our CuTS® products), to speed up cool-down times and remove additional heat (in many cases, TAI's graphite thermal strap products can also be used as substitutes for more expensive thermal switches, as the different materials stop conducting heat at specific temperatures). 

Thermal Straps for Dilution Refrigerator

TAI will publish cryogenic temperature test data later this year (or in early 2024), as well as more information about the program and the quantum computer itself. Stay tuned!


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