TAI Releases our new products: Carbon Fiber Composite Thermal Straps and GraFlex III Woven Graphite Sheets

Carbon Composite Thermal Straps and Graphite Woven Sheets (GraFlex III)

TAI is happy to announce we've introduced two new thermal strap offerings to our current product line: our new Carbon Fiber Composite Thermal Strap end fittings (CCTS) and our all new GraFlex III woven graphite sheets.

Carbon Composite Thermal Straps

TAI's graphite thermal straps are now available with aerospace grade carbon fiber composite. This material allows us to further reduce end fitting/terminal block mass by 33%, and also negates the need for surface passivation of end fittings.  These end fittings also accept mounting hardware such as helicoil inserts.

GraFlex III Woven Graphite Sheets

In addition to our GraFlex I and II bundles (ropes), we now provide our high conductance graphite material in a flexible woven sheet form. This new design allows for increased flexibility in the compression axis, and is ideal for low profile space applications such as electronics boxes.

Both of our new product offerings are currently undergoing aerospace / space flight qualification at our, and our national testing laboratory partner's facilities, and all required testing data should be available to customers in the coming weeks.

Come back to our website in the coming weeks to learn more!


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